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In eroticism and sex you can find a great variety of different sexpractics. For many people, oral communication is at the forefront. Oral intercourse (with protection) is a collective term for all sexpractics, in which the genitalia of the sex partner are stimulated and caressed by the mouth, lips and tongue.
Grundsätzlich wird dabei zwischen der Stimulation des Penis und der Stimulation der Vulva unterschieden.

For the ladies of the private models Frankfurt, the oral communication offers a stimulating possibility to stimulate their partner in a special way and bring this also up to the orgasm.
Not only for the man but also for the woman is the oral communication felt as particularly intense. With the help of the mouth and the tongue the genitalia can be particularly stimulated.

This Is The Most Intimate Way To Have Sex

With the help of the tongue and the lips the man is licked, kissed and also taken into the mouth by the ladies from the private models Frankfurt to the sexual stimulation. The glans of the man can be stimulated particularly well by circling the tongue around it. A special treatment is of course the man’s glans ring as well as the ribbon, because the ribbon is probably the most sensitive point of the glans. If this is spoiled particularly tenderly, this produces the most pleasure in the man. In the band, a touch of contact is sufficient to give the man an extreme sense of pleasure. And not only the man has his fun but also the ladies of the private model Frankfurt.

A special variant with the Blowjob safe is the penetration deep into the neck of the woman. This gives the man a special feeling of tightness around the glans and also around the shaft of the penis. In this type of oral intercourse, the lips and the tongue are pressed very strongly against the penis shaft and causes a particularly intense stimulus in the male. The blowjob also offers the possibility for the man to push the penis completely actively into the mouth (with protection) and the throat. The one with the ladies of the private models Frankfurt offers for everyone an eerie fun, which leads to very great pleasure.